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An Easy Way to Manage Software Licenses

Many of our customers use Trail Fixed Asset Management to manage their computers and other IT equipment. With Trail, they are able to gather crucial information e.g. user information, IP addresses and leasing periods in one place.

IT equipment often poses problems with the software installed on the devices. Let’s take a very common situation as an example: renewing organisation’s computers. It might be very tedious to figure out all the software that was installed on the old computers. And even more difficult to find all the license keys!

Another problem is the large number of software licenses in modern organisations. With every new software install, the overall situation with licenses becomes harder to manage. Are there any licenses left or are further acquisitions necessary? Managing the software and licenses of an entire organisation is time-consuming if the data is scattered or has not been collected and stored at all.

Software license management as a part of asset management Managing software and licenses is an important part of asset management. Hence, we produced license management in Trail Asset Management. It enables smooth saving and utilisation of software license data.

You can now save all your software license data in Trail from acquisition data to license numbers and keys. Besides, you can associate software licenses with individual IT equipment. As a result, the data about installed licenses and their users is easily available.

Trail allows you to see who is using which license and how many licenses your organisation has obtained in total. When it is time to replace an employee’s computer, you can see in Trail a list of software that the employee needs. License acquisition will also become more straightforward when you have a list of organisation’s licenses, their numbers, and information on used and available licenses.

If you want better control over your organisation’s software licenses and IT assets, contact us! You can start to manage them on Trail right away.

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