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Release Notes, Week 8 / 2020

We publish updates to Trail several times per month. Here we will briefly explain the features added in each release. If you are interested in trying out any of the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


  • Added reporting for our lendings-module. The report displays how many items have been lended, returned and deleted during a time period.
  • We improved the usability of our reservations sets -functionality.
  • You can now search reservation sets using the tags added for the models.
  • You can now export the investments and investment plans in Trail.
  • Added timestamps for the maintenance history in addition to the description when the maintenance was done.
  • Updated the investment plan to include ‘Usage started’ -date if the ‘Purchased’ -date is missing.

Release notes

Reports for lendings

One of our newest development areas is enabling reporting for our lendings-module. With lendings you can hand over the equipment in Trail without a predefined term, enabling the tracking of items like cloting or walkie-talkies. If your organisation is already using lending, you can now see the reports for how many items have been lended, returned and deleted. The information can be narrowed down by the timeline, location and categories.

Reservation sets

We listen to all of our customer requests carefully and we always try to improve our current features as well. Another great release has been on how reservation sets are now shown in Trail. You can for example see how many items and models are included to each reservation set. We have also added a possibility to search reservation sets by using the tag names of the models added to a reservation set.

If you would like to read more about how to create reservation sets, please take a look at our documentation about Reservation Sets.


Do you need a report of your investment plans? Now it is possible! Trail has added a possibility to export investment plans from Trail into an Excel sheet. This report will contain a list of investments and information on its models and prices. “Export all items” -feature can be found from upper right corner on “Investments” page. You can also search specific investments from “Free text search” and afterwards export them to an Excel sheet the same way.

Investment planning with usage started

Because there can be a difference between when items have been purchased and when the usage has actually been started, items lifespan will now be calculated using the “Usage started” information. If the item does not have that information the lifespan will be calculated from the “purchased” date just as before. This update will also affect investment planning. From now on they will as well be calculated from “Usage started” and if that has not been set up, then they will be calculated from the information on “Purchased”.

If you would like to know more about how to create new investments, please read more from our documentation about Creating a new investment.

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