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The Future of Equipment Management.

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Track the full lifecycle
of any asset using
barcode or RFID-tags.

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Plan your regular
maintenance work and
track lamp hours.

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Using Trail you can
make sure that you
are compliant.

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Scanning your assets
helps tracking usage
and availability.


Safe + Systematic + Sustainable

What is Trail?

Trail is an easy-to-use equipment management system that gathers all information in one place and keeps it updated. Trail makes equipment data available to exactly the right people and works in many different environments and with various kinds of equipment. Our clients use Trail to manage furniture, devices, hoisting accessories, software licences, fire engines and ballet shoes, just to give a few examples.

Trail takes care of your equipment throughout their lifecycle and the data it gathers helps you make wiser investment decisions.

Streamlining of work

Streamlining of work

  • Saves time and brings peace of mind.
  • Reduces reliance on human memory.
  • Digitalisation improves the controllability of equipment data.
Smarter investment decisions

Smarter investment decisions

  • Make investment decision backed by lifecycle data.
  • Comparison information reduces misguided investments.
  • Trail enables transparency when planning investments.
More cost-effective processes

More cost-effective processes

  • Electronic monitoring reduces equipment losses.
  • Easy access to equipment data improves the utilisation rate.
  • Equipment is kept in order with pre-emptive maintenace planning.


  • Shared Trail facilitates the realisation of a circular economy.
  • Trail promotes best practices in equipment management.
  • Trail increases the relevance and meaningfulness of work.

All equipment data in one place

Equipment lifespan:

23 years remaining

This article was purchased 5 years ago and it should be renewed in 2 years.

Tagging status:

1768 / 1800

This article has been tagged 2 years ago.

Next regular maintenance:

11 month remaining

The annual planned maintenance 'lense cleaning' should be run within one month or this asset will be unavailable.

Memory cards:

2 / 5 remaining


2 / 3 remaining

This week:


This asset is not currently available. The next reservation is from Sunday to Wednesday.

Equipment inventories:

350 / 387 articles found, 5 articles currently misplaced.

The current RFID-scanning inventory is for 'OB Truck M6'. The previous inventory was run 2 months ago.

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Make smart investment decisions based on equipment lifecycle data.


The equipment is tagged with barcodes, RFID- or NFC-tags for quick and reliable equipment management.

Maintenance planning

Defect reporting and maintenace planning helps keeping you preventive and reactive maintenance up to date.

Consumable alerts

Monitor consumable stocks and set alert limits for when Trail reminds you to resupply.


A reservation system increases utilisation rate and ensures that there is enough equipment for your productions.


Running inventories for your locations is quick and effortless with Trail’s barcodes and wireless RFID tags.

Trail in numbers

Every week more than 1 000* different assets are maintained using Trail.

Every week more than 15 000* assets are scanned for various events.

Every week more than 1 500* new devices or articles are added into Trail.

Käyttäjien määrä

Number of users in
our Trail community:

12 000

Kaluston arvo

The value of the
equipment maintained
with Trail exceeds:

500 000 000

Tapahtumien määrä Trailissa

events on Trail:

10 000 000

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Stories from users

"Data gathered from maintenance is used to evaluate when a device should be replaced. When the maintenace costs get too high and faults become more frequent, we begin to think about getting a new device. This way we maintain a new enough equipment stock and the maintenance costs remain manageable."

Stories from users

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Reliability engineer

"We have completely eliminated unnecessary wastage. Things are no longer forgotten in pockets and they are returned on time. The reservation system tells us what kind of equipment is on demand. Our equipment is easier to find and the demand helps us plan future investments."

Stories from users

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Light and sound manager

"Trail makes equipment management simple and easy. The system is handy to use and transparent, and information can be shared easily between users. Trail can be used from anywhere, which makes it flexible and easy even for a large group of users."

Stories from users

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Line manager

"Cooperation with Trail Systems has been easy and effortless. At best, our requests concerning features or changes have been granted within a couple of hours."

Stories from users

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Technology manager

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Implementation process

We have mastered the processes related to equipment and our specialists will help you with every stage of Trail implementation. We help create a better equipment management culture.

Step 1

Setting up the service

We will add the required user roles to Trail and help our clients select the settings that best serve their environments.

Step 2

Importing equipment data

We offer ready-made templates for the mass importing of equipment data and we assist in the organising and enriching of that data.

Step 3

Equipment tagging

We help our clients choose the tagging methods and deliver the equipment required to print and read the tags.

Step 4

Training sessions

We make sure that our clients are familiar with Trail’s features and we support them in adhering to the best equipment management practices.

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