Sibelius Academy


AssetOps to help with investment planning and improving the use of equipment

We wanted to analyze the efficiency of our purchases based on life cycle cost and maintenance history and utilize this in investment plans

Marko Myöhänen, Presentation Technology Manager

The Sibelius Academy offers the highest academic level music education in Finland. It has 1,400 students, 230 teachers and 140 other employees in six locations. The Academy organizes hundreds of concerts every year.

Sibelius Academy's music technology department's equipment comprises of more than four thousand units that students, teachers and staff use in their productions. The academy needed a system and an operating model to monitor the use of the equipment and ensure that the equipment is sufficient for all productions.

Trail Asset Management and the AssetOps culture it introduced to Sibelius Academy enabled much-needed control to equipment management.

Barcodes and RFID asset tags help with tracking

The Sibelius Academy's equipment is marked with both barcodes and RFID tags. In this way, borrowing and returning the equipment can be done very quickly. Printing barcodes and attaching RFID tags is easy and can be done directly from the Trail application. The academy chose a wear-resistant label that stays in place and readable even with heavy use.

The main reasons for choosing Trail

  • Intuitive and easy user interface
  • Secure web-based solution with a Single Sign-on possibility
  • Support and advice provided by Trail Systems

Benefits received

  • Monitoring the utilization rate of the equipment - the utilization rate has clearly improved
  • All equipment information centrally in one place and available anywhere – less time spent in searching for information
  • Reliable data and improved decision-making
  • Name:Sibelius Academy
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Equipment reservations, Investment planning, Item register, Equipment life cycle management, Smart asset tags
  • Started:2012

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