Investment planning

Investment planning

Plan smart and efficient equipment investments based on real asset information

Investment planning is an integral part of equipment management and critical to operational planning. Trail provides a timely view for decision-making and thereby supports making smart investment decisions utilizing lifecycle information for the entire equipment.

Key functionalities

  • Visibility to future equipment investments
  • Efficient tool to plan equipment investments
  • Tracking available budget with equipment investments
  • Centralized asset information supporting decision-making

Capital expenditures are often the subject of significant financial investment and therefore investment planning is an essential part of equipment management. In addition to comprehensive equipment information, Trail also collects equipment investment and cost data in one place from which it is effectively available for financial decision-making.

In addition to cost information, timely life cycle information on equipment helps to make better investment decisions.

Trail produces an automatic investment plan based on the estimated life of the equipment and the estimated replacement price. This allows users to prepare well in advance for future investments. In addition to automatic investment planning, users can create their investment plans and monitor their implementation. The investment plan makes it possible both to mark existing equipment for renewal and to create procurement plans for completely new equipment.

A budget can be defined for the investment plan, which will be fulfilled according to the price information of the equipment to be added to the plan. This makes it easy to keep track of the budget available.

Trail answers to questions like

  • How big asset investments are required in future years?
  • What asset investments are planned?
  • Which equipment is needed to be renewed or replaced?
  • What new equipment is needed?
  • What is the total cost of all planned investments?

Easy implementation

There are no prerequisites for certain technologies or integrations to start with Trail. Just by following the below steps, you’re ready to get going. And you can count on our support.


Configuring Trail and importing asset data

We offer ready-made templates for the mass importing of equipment data and we assist with the data structure and Trail configuration.


Tagging equipment with RFID/barcode

We help our customers choose the tagging methods and deliver the equipment required to print and read the tags.


Training and supporting the users

We make sure that our customers are familiar with Trail’s features and we support you in applying the best equipment management practices.


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