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How Pop & Jazz Conservatory solved their equipment reservation problems

In many conservatories and music schools the students and staff frequently use conservatoires’ equipment. The Pop & Jazz Conservatoire in Finland is no exception. They provide music education to people of all ages and the students lend a lot of equipment.

For Pop & Jazz Conservatory’s Ossi Pelttari, the equipment reservations had become a burden. “It was hard to keep track of who is using what and if everything has been returned.” Pelttari tells. Paper lists and excel sheets did not provide an adequate level of control and equipment loss was a real problem.

“We knew that Our partner school, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, is using equipment management system Trail for managing their equipment and its reservations. They have been happy with it. So, we decided to take a look at Trail as well.” Pelttari continues.

“We have labelled our equipment with Trail asset tags and have a system for managing it. Trail allows us to make easy reservations and scan the equipment out on the reservations. This gives us better control over the equipment.” States Pelttari

Pop & Jazz Conservatory has gained sginificant benefits from Trail Equipment Management System

“Now that we use Trail, we have a better understanding of what equipment people currently have. Equipment loss has decreased, and we spend less work time searching for equipment and reservation information. Of course, the system’s benefits depend on how actively people use it.” Pelttari continues.

Trail also provides Pop & Jazz Conservatory with better control over equipment maintenances. “People now have an easy way to report defects.” States Pelttari. “And we finally have a clear view of what we actually have and where everything is”.


  • Improved process for equipment reservations decreases equipment loss
  • Intuitive system makes work more effective when all information is available in Trail
  • Comprehensive view over all equipment and its lifecycle provides better control over assets
  • Easy method for reporting defects allows faster repair times

Pop & Jazz Conservatory is one of the most revered music schools specialising in rhythm music in Europe.

  • Name:Pop & Jazz Conservatory
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Equipment register, Equipment reservations, QR code tags, Defect reports
  • Started:2020

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