Senate Properties


Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner of the Finnish government. Senate Properties is responsible for the maintenance and development of the premises of government organizations and creates work environments that support customers' operations.

Trail was introduced in Senate Properties in 2018 through a public tender. In connection with the implementation, a security and administrative audit of the system was carried out, in which the suitability of Trail for use by the state administration was ensured.

"The target was to gather all the life cycle information of office furniture and AV equipment in different locations," says Jenna Mustonen, who works as an Adviser, Maintenance in Workplace and Maintenance Services at Senate Properties.

Efficient inventory

Trail is currently used to manage tens of thousands of Senate Properties' furniture and AV equipment throughout Finland. Physical RFID tags are attached to the equipment for individual tracking. The tags have basic item information and a QR code, enabling fast and effortless defect reporting through Trail mobile application.

"We decided to tag the devices with Trail’s RFID smart chips so that repetitive inventories can be completed using remote reader devices. In this way, inventories can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to before", says Mustonen.

Trail mobile application and RFID reader are used to identify remotely readable RFID tags. In practice, a mobile device is connected to the reader, where Trail application registers all RFID tags scanned by the reader, and then updates the system with up-to-date information.

A powerful RFID reader allows tags to be read from a distance up to 10 meters and as a result, inventory execution is very fast. As an example of efficiency, about 800 articles from the entire floor were inventoried in less than 10 minutes in one of Helsinki offices.

Collecting equipment information

The gathering of equipment information into Trail service works smoothly for Senate Properties as the suppliers of equipment provide the information already in a system readable format.

"With Trail, we finally get a comprehensive picture of the locations we manage and the furniture and equipment used by different customers, and it's easy. In the past, compiling and updating such information was practically impossible", says Mustonen.

User rights management

All systems used by the Senate Properties must operate seamlessly and reliably in terms of user rights management. With Trail's comprehensive access control possibilities, information on equipment in different parts of Finland is only available to relevant persons.


  • Up-to-date overview of all equipment
  • Efficient and reliable inventory
  • Efficient equipment data collection
  • Effective user rights management
  • Name:Senate Properties
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Asset register, Inventory lists, RFID labels and remote scanning capability, Comprehensive user rights management
  • Started:2018

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