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Detailed overall picture of the equipment usage

“Trail is very easy and simple to use. We have been very satisfied with it"

Juha Hirvonen, Riveria's sound production unit

Riveria is one of the largest vocational education and training organizers in Finland. Every year, 17,000 students study at Riveria, and it offers more than 130 different degrees.

In the media and communications department, students use AV equipment owned by the educational institution every day in various projects. Managing the equipment usage and reservations was very time consuming and difficult without a proper system.

The sound production unit was the first to use Trail in Riveria. Earlier, the unit used paper forms to track equipment reservations. This was not reliable and did not stay up to date. A lot of time was spent in searching for equipment and reservation information.

AssetOps improves monitoring and saves work time

With the AssetOps culture made possible by Trail, sound production unit was able to improve their equipment management. Thanks to Trail's reservation feature, students can book devices for their use regardless of time and place via a web-based user interface. As a result, the overall view over the equipment reservations is constantly updated and it is easy to monitor the equipment usage.

With the help of Trail, Riveria ensures that the equipment returns to its place after the student's reservation ends. When the booking history is easily available, finding the equipment has also become faster. No equipment has been lost since the introduction of Trail, and the time spent searching for equipment has been significantly reduced.

Based on the good experiences of the sound production unit, the use of Trail in Riveria has expanded. Today, the Radio and TV, Photography, and Graphic Design units also manage their equipment with the help of Trail.

Benefits received

  • Reduction of time spent searching for equipment
  • Reduced equipment loss
  • Devices are easy to find
  • Improved tracking of equipment reservations and returns
  • Name:Riveria
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Equipment reservations, Item register, Equipment life cycle management, Smart asset tags
  • Started:2016

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