Easy implementation

There are no prerequisites for certain technologies or integrations to start with Trail. Just by following the below steps, you’re ready to get going. And you can count on our support.


Configuring Trail and importing asset data

We offer ready-made templates for the mass importing of equipment data and we assist with the data structure and Trail configuration.


Tagging equipment with RFID/barcode

We help our customers choose the tagging methods and deliver the equipment required to print and read the tags.


Training and supporting the users

We make sure that our customers are familiar with Trail’s features and we support you in applying the best equipment management practices.


Asset labels and inventory management

Improve equipment inventory efficiency by tagging and tracking assets.

  • Where are the assets located?
  • What assets can be found from the space under inventory?
  • What is the condition of the equipment found in inventory?

Labeling equipment with identifier tags enables efficient equipment inventory. Labels enable information update during equipment inspection and therefore ensures higher quality and timeliness of the data.

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Asset register and asset card

Ensure full visibility of all managed assets in one system.

  • What assets do we have?
  • Where are the assets currently?
  • How often is the equipment used?
  • How much did the asset cost?

Trail asset register is the way to gain full visibility to managed assets and the ability to find any item quickly when needed. The asset register consists of individual asset cards. Asset cards are the way to gather all information related to one specific individualized asset in one place.

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