Martela & Trail Systems


Martela & Trail Systems: Partnership of two Finnish companies with responsible values

Martela is a Finnish family business founded in 1945. Martela designs and manufactures user-driven workplaces and learning environments. Martela’s design and specialist services cover the entire lifecycle of a workplace.

Trail Systems supports in managing the acquired equipment through a cloud-based asset management service. The data in Trail system is built on identifier labels attached to the equipment. Through labels Trail digitalizes all fixed assets and centralizes all asset information throughout the lifecycle.

Martela and Trail Systems signed a partnership in 2018 to respond to the demand of equipment management services from equipment supplier. Work is going through a transformation and so are working environments, and with that the importance of equipment management is rising. Both Martela and Trail Systems are highly user oriented and customer centric service providers. Sustainability is also a common factor for both parties in this partnership.

Sustainable and cost effective asset management

Together as partners, Trail and Martela, offer customers comprehensive equipment management service for work environments. Customers gain ability to utilize equipment data in planning and decision-making. Most importantly customers gain ability to make sustainable equipment investments based on proven need, and with that also the ability to control costs. Sustainable asset management culture can be built only when data-based decisions can be made regarding combinations new and reused equipment.

Working well together

The partnership between Martela and Trail Systems is based on mutual appreciation, open communication and added value for the end customer. There is a solid base to build partnership on.

  • Name:Martela
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Partnership and resales, Asset register, RFID-labels and wireless inventory
  • Started:2018

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