Tool and Uniform Management

Tool and Uniform Management

Trail Tool and Uniform Management application enables efficient release and return of working clothes and lendable equipment.

Trail's Tool and Uniform Management application is excellent for releasing and returning lendable gear. When operating asset loans smartly, timely and comprehensive information is gathered and it’s always easy to check who is using which equipment. Tool and Uniform Management application can be used to hand out equipment such as working clothes, uniforms, footwear, tools, sports equipment or protective gear. The Tool and Uniform Management application is used already for example in rescue services operations.



  • Easy, fast, and reliable release and return of equipment with asset tags
  • Registering easily if equipment is broken during a loan
  • Independently operatable tool room
  • Timely information about the equipment that has been handed out to employees

Trail Tool and Uniform Management application brings efficiency in managing lendable equipment. The process is simple. First, the user is identified and then the assets are scanned one by one to register the loan. When returning the equipment, the same process applies and equipment is registered either as returned or broken.

The Tool and Uniform Management application is easy to use for example with a browser and connected reader device for barcodes.

An asset card is a compact collection of equipment data. From the asset card, the user can view information related to specific equipment (for example department, usage, location, or cost information). The asset card also provides the user with an overview of the operational needs of that equipment (such as reservations, defect reports, and future maintenance).

An important functionality of Trail is the possibility to enrich asset data with type-specific details. For example, maintenance recommendations for a specific asset type can be linked to all individual assets of that type.

With Tool and Unifrom Management it's easy to

  • Manage equipment releases and returns reliably and efficiently
  • Estimate and prepare for future equipment and uniform needs
  • Provide a timely view of all equipment that has been handed out

Easy implementation

There are no prerequisites for certain technologies or integrations to start with Trail. Just by following the below steps, you’re ready to get going. And you can count on our support.


Configuring Trail and importing asset data

We offer ready-made templates for the mass importing of equipment data and we assist with the data structure and Trail configuration.


Tagging equipment with RFID/barcode

We help our customers choose the tagging methods and deliver the equipment required to print and read the tags.


Training and supporting the users

We make sure that our customers are familiar with Trail’s features and we support you in applying the best equipment management practices.


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