Lappia Vocational College


Successful implementation of an equipment management system

"The introduction of Trail has clarified our own processes and operating models." Pia Jänkälä – Lappia's IT Support

Lappia Vocational College operates in five different locations in Northern Finland. It provides education for approximately 4,500 students and the whole operation is run by 340 staff members. Lappia’s operations geographically cover 30 per cent of Finland's area.

In addition to basic and professional degrees, Lappia offers a wide range of training and services for young people, adults, and businesses.

The school's IT department manages thousands of pieces of essential IT equipment. In order to maintain the overall picture and facilitate equipment loans, Lappia implemented Trail Asset Management.

What changed after the introduction of Trail?

Before the implementation of Trail, item data was very scattered. "There were several different tables, purchase orders and systems in use. Gathering the overall view of all IT equipment from various sources was a huge challenge." says Pia Jänkälä from Lappia’s IT support.

With Trail, the IT equipment could be brought together in one register. Now the asset information is accessible and can be kept up-to-date.

"The introduction of Trail Asset Management has clarified our own processes and operating models. Today, Trail also helps us to manage equipment loans, create budgets for future purchases, and maintain inventories." Jänkälä continues

An intuitive system and proper preparation streamlined the implementation

Lappia IT carefully prepared for the implementation of Trail. The successful implementation was preceded by careful consideration of the users, devices, and device categories to be added to the system.

"We limited the item categories created in Trail to keep the content more manageable. We also decided that access rights will only be given to IT personnel and people managing loans. This is how we ensure that the information contained in the system remains under control."

Jänkälä felt that the easy input of information was essential in the implementation. The inventory data can be imported to Trail in an excel format, so that time-consuming manual work can be avoided.

Trail's ease of use also helped the implementation. "As a product, Trail is clear and easy to adopt. We also found the mobile app to be relatively clear."


  • IT equipment information is available in one system
  • Monitoring equipment reservations and loans is easy
  • Easy way of forming an overall picture of the equipment and its life cycle
  • Name:Lappia Vocational College
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Equipment register, Equipment life cycle management, Equipment reservations, Inventories, Smart asset tags
  • Started:2021

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