Norwegian Broadcasting Company TV2


TV2 operations supported by Trail

Trail was implemented in TV2 to manage the production technology and camera equipment. The aim was to efficiently control the whole life cycle of the assets from acquisition to disposal.

“We were in need of a tool to support us in managing production technology assets efficiently” says Jon Eirik Olsen, production manager TV 2 Oslo

Efficient equipment management

One of the reasons for implementing Trail in TV2 was bringing efficiency to equipment management. Trail was seen as means to reduce the manual administration work and also improve control over the condition and usage of the assets. A hoped outcome in addition was the reduced risk of asset misuse.

“Even though lost or stolen items was not a significant problem, Trail was introduced also to reduce the risk of that going forward.” comments Olsen.

Documentation and planning support

It was identified in TV2 that it would be important to store equipment documentation and manuals in Trail for later review. Trail also offered TV2 a flexible planning tool for systematic maintenances and repairs. Equipment usage reports were seen essential in evaluating future investment needs of TV2.

Self-service storage capability

One of the more important capabilities that Trail was able to offer for TV2 was the self-service storage capability. It was targeted that for example photographers would take the responsibility for booking, collecting and returning the camera equipment themselves. For the self-service storage functionality to be a success, there had to be a simple user interface for both mobile and browser users.

“We wanted our staff to be able to operate the equipment independently and there Trail provided us with a proper set of tools. Our photojournalists are in and out of office all day and we wanted to introduce the Trail mobile app as their main tool for self service operations. They can now organize their needs for camera equipment to their next assignment from anywhere. They also have an easy workflow for reporting damages or need for maintenance by using the Trail QR code” says Olsen.


Trail and TV2 planned and executed a 6-month implementation project together to ensure that TV2 was able to create and roll out the internal processes for better asset management at the same time with system implementation. During the implementation Trail’s team developed the Trail Asset Management system further according to TV2’s needs.

“The implementation was a joint effort and included several training sessions and a lot of learning, not just about the system but also about our own processes.” states Olsen.


  • Improved transparency to all equipment information
  • Self-service enabled for equipment bookings
  • Improved control over equipment usage
  • Ability to collect and return equipment through mobile interface
  • Reduced number of lost items
  • Time saved in managing equipment more efficiently
  • More control over equipment maintenances
  • Improved visibility to equipment in personal use
  • Name:TV2 Norge
  • Location:Norway
  • Features:Asset register, Equipment reservations for employees, Lending application, Maintenance management, Mobile usage
  • Started:2020

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