Rescue services for Central Finland


Rescue services supported by Trail

Rescue services for Central Finland uses Trail to manage their rescue equipment. Trail provides a reliable system to log maintenances and ensure the usability of critical equipment and vehicles used in rescue missions.

Trail supports managing the rescue services equipment. The reliable and timely information is key in supporting rescue service operations. In rescue services, the most important factor is to ensure that all equipment leaving for missions are properly maintained and available.

Defect reports are utilized in rescue field work whenever an equipment breaks on a mission. Defect report utilizes equipment information such as location, purchase price, maintenance history, user and maintenance manuals as well as remaining lifetime, to be used with the defect report.

Trail enables the systematic management of preventive maintenance activities for rescue services. The equipment used in rescue missions has to be maintained frequently and the equipment simply cannot fail when used. Maintenance notifications have an important role when ensuring the serviceability of all rescue equipment. Trail enables also fluent information flow and data visibility for all who need it.


  • Equipment continuously in good serviceable condition
  • Ensured user safety in all operations
  • Transparency to equipment
  • Efficiency in equipment related operations
  • Mobile accessibility on the field to the information
  • Improved usability of equipment management system

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