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Trail powering the asset reporting at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) creates vitality and well-being in northern Finland. It provides education to over 9,000 students and annually produces more than 1,420 new degrees from six different fields of study.

A lot of modern equipment is used in teaching and research, in which hundreds of thousands of euros a year are also invested. Effective equipment management ensures that equipment meets teaching needs and remains performing throughout its lifetime. Oamk has relied on Trail in its equipment management since 2015.

Status prior to implementing Trail

The equipment management of Oamk, which was spread over several campuses, had become challenging. There was existing software for equipment management which, due to the end of the development work, no longer met the needs of Oamk. For example, the old system did not provide comprehensive reports in the way Oamk wanted.

The good experiences heard from the Sibelius Academy also made Oamk more familiar with the solution of Trail Equipment Management.

Status after implementation of Trail

Oamk introduced Trail in 2015. The ease of use of the equipment management system and the support provided by Trail ensured that users got started quickly. Now at Oamk, equipment data is stored in a modern system, and reporting has become significantly more efficient. In addition, Oamk uses the information gathered by Trail to ensure that all the necessary equipment is insured accurately.

Inventories have also been speeded up thanks to Trail’s asset labels and mobile app. At present, only about 1-2 hours per department per year are used for inventories.

Thanks to Trail's booking feature, it is also easy for students to book equipment for educational use. Students have a better view of what equipment they have at their disposal and are able to book the equipment they need for their projects directly from the Trail interface.

Oamk also uses Trail for efficient investment planning. The system provides information on the purchase price, service life and utilization rate of the equipment, in which case the investments are also based on fact rather than imagination.

“I have been very pleased with the use of Trail. From there, we get excel reports for a variety of uses, inventories have been speeded up, and the booking system keeps asset reservations better tracked. Trail's staff has also been a great support and help!” Heli Malmström - Oamk's System Administrator


  • Efficient reporting
  • Fast production of more accurate inventory reports
  • Ease of borrowing and reserving equipment
  • More accurate equipment information for insurances
  • Name:Oulu University of Applied Sciences
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Asset register, Equipment labels, Inventory management, Reservations management, Investment planning
  • Started:2015

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