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Sustainable equipment management in Göteborgs Operan

”Equipment sharing’s benefits are so obvious for the environment and for the economy. Now, the users have a possibility to borrow, rent and share equipment that they can’t afford or do not have by themselves.” Håkan Jönsson, Facility Manager and Member of the Board

Håkan Jönsson, the Facility Manager at the Göteborgs Operan, plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of this famous Swedish opera house. His responsibilities encompass overseeing the maintenance and services of the opera house, logistics and warehousing, as well as managing the intricate stage machinery. In his managerial role, he leads a team of around 30 professionals, ranging from electronic engineers to cleaners.

Biggest challenge was the lack of control over the equipment

Before implementing Trail as their equipment management solution, Göteborgs Operan faced a multitude of challenges related to equipment management. Håkan's team grappled with issues such as locating equipment, determining their usability, monitoring their status, and tracking quantities. These challenges not only hindered operational efficiency but also made it difficult to provide seamless services to their audience.

Trail Equipment Management offered an attractive solution to these problems. The decision to adopt Trail was influenced by positive feedback from the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, which had already experienced significant benefits from using the platform.

At Göteborgs Operan, Trail is in the core of the equipment management strategy. It enables them to maintain order among a vast array of items, simplifying the process of ordering and placing equipment in the right place on-site or in storage. Furthermore, Trail facilitates efficient sharing of equipment among multiple theaters, including Göteborgs Operan, Göteborgs Stadsteater, and Folkteatern. This collaboration not only streamlines logistics but also promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Equipment sharing benefits the environment and economy

The Trail Sharing functionality is highly important to Håkan and his team. They believe that equipment sharing offers myriad benefits, not only to their organisation but also to the environment, the local economy, and the broader community. By sharing resources, theaters can reduce their carbon footprint and alleviate the financial burden of purchasing expensive equipment. It also democratises access to high-quality equipment, ensuring that even smaller theaters and groups have the tools they need to deliver exceptional performances.

In addition to the tangible benefits of Trail's equipment management capabilities, Håkan highlights the outstanding customer-supplier relationship they've developed with the Trail team. They've found that Trail is receptive to their ideas and responsive to their needs, making the system's implementation and ongoing improvements a collaborative and satisfying experience.

In summary, Trail Equipment Management has taken equipment management at Göteborgs Operan to a whole new level, offering a streamlined equipment management solution that enhances efficiency, promotes equipment sharing, and fosters sustainability. With Trail, Håkan and his team can focus on what truly matters — delivering outstanding performances while ensuring that equipment is where it needs to be when it's needed most.

Achieved benefits

  • Maintain order and control among a vast array of items
  • Simplifying the process of ordering and placing equipment on correct places on-site or in storage
  • Improved logistics between venues
  • Efficient sharing of equipment among partners
  • Name:Göteborgs Operan
  • Location:Sweden
  • Features:Equipment sharing, Equipment reservations, Equipment logistics, Equipment location management, Smart asset tags
  • Started:2019

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