Annual inspections improve equipment safety

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Annual inspections improve equipment safety

One of the most crucial elements of systematic asset tracking and work safety are regular inspections on the equipment. When your employees’ safety is at stake, you need to be sure that your equipment is and stays in perfect condition. In addition, well-functioning equipment also contributes to the overall employee satisfaction and profitability, when less time is wasted on fighting with malfunctioning devices.

Let’s take a theatre as an example. You cannot have malfunctioning electric cables or lifting equipment on stage. In the worst case, badly maintained equipment puts people’s lives at risk.

As a result, legal obligations on conducting regular maintenances for the equipment have been introduced and security audits are carried out by the authorities. So, keeping an up-to-date and reliable log on the regular maintenances is a must for any theatre. Or any other company with equipment that has to be regularly maintained. When you have a reliable maintenance record, it is easy to present to authorities and you can be sure that your equipment is safe to use.

Trail provides its users with a reliable and effective way to make sure that the regular maintenances and inspections are carried out and properly documented. You can create maintenance plans with pre-set intervals and maintenance steps. When a maintenance is due, Trail notifies the responsible people and thus the downtime is kept to a minimum.

In Trail you’ll also find a full history on the conducted maintenances and the information is easy to access by any relevant person in your organisation. As a result, time is not wasted on searching for the maintenance information in separate excel sheets, folders, or papers around your organisation. If a person who has been responsible for maintenance is no longer in your organisation, all the information stays in Trail and is accessible easily by the successor.

With a systematic maintenance tracking, you ensure that your equipment is safe and pleasant to use. Regular check-ups on the equipment keeps it in full working condition so that you can utilise it to its full potential.