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Time and money saved through equipment management

Saving time and money with equipment management

Equipment management is a very practical way to achieve financial benefits from a number of different perspectives. This blog post summarizes the most important and fastest ways to make savings through equipment management.

Investment planning

With proper equipment management, it is possible to influence the amount of equipment investments. When there is up-to-date information on the entire equipment and its use, it is possible to optimize the size and timing of the investment. In practice, it is often possible to avoid equipment investments when identified that the equipment in question already exists or that no one really needs the equipment of the planned investment.

Time savings

Another significant saving in equipment management is related to time. When operating with a digital system such as Trail, all asset information is easy to find and the information and its timeliness can be relied upon. A proper system also provides an easy-to-use tool for equipment operations and provides efficiency to processes.

Process efficiency

With the help of digitization and asset labelling, it is possible to achieve significant time savings through operations. Asset labels for example enable logging maintenance measures in the system already during the maintenance operations. As another example, RFID labels enable remote inventory scanning. The time savings are huge compared to previous comparable practices.

Cost savings

It is also possible to save costs with equipment management. When the amount of equipment is optimal, it can be ensured that unnecessary insurance, maintenance and storage costs are avoided.

Taking all aspects into account, equipment management enables an impressive return on investment. We at Trail are happy to help in assessing the amount of savings that can be achieved, among other equipment management benefits.