What is the state of your company's asset management?

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  • What is the state of your company's asset management?

Your company's movable and fixed assets contain an underutilized opportunity to reduce the company's environmental impact and to be more cost effective. So, I recommend that you spend one minute with this survey and find out, what the state of your company's asset management is.

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Asset management status survey

Asset management survey

Please answer the following yes/no questions. You will find the summary of your situation at the end.

  1. Do you know if there is a listing or register of movable and fixed assets or equipment in your own organization?
  2. Is the register easily accessible?
  3. Is the register up to date?
  4. Do employees have an easy way to report defects related to all kinds of fixed and movable assets?
  5. Do you pay attention to extending the life cycle of all equipment?
  6. Is there a designated responsible person in your organization who is responsible for fixed and movable assets?
  7. Would you consider it likely that your organization owns equipment (movable or fixed) that no one in your organization knows about?
  8. Do you see it as possible that your organization invests in unnecessary equipment or movable assets because information about owned equipment is not reasonably available?
  9. In your organization, do you recognize the risk of misuse of equipment (for example, tools lost for home use or equipment theft through unreturned loans)?
  10. Do you feel that the procurement processes and management of movable property could be taken in a more sustainable direction?

Summary of your situation

If you answered "No" to questions 1-6 more than once and "Yes" to questions 7-10 more than once, your company has definitely room to improve fixed and movable asset management.

Fragmented or non-existent information about owned equipment and the lack of a culture that supports equipment life cycle management causes problems. There are unnecessary purchases, time wasted on searching for equipment, and loss of assets.

You could reduce environmental impacts and unnecessary costs easily. It would require creating a culture of sustainable asset operations, supported by asset management systems.

If you answered "Yes" to questions 1-6 more than once and "No" to questions 7-10 more than once, it seems that your company has a control over movable and fixed assets.

You act responsibly and with consideration for the environment at all levels of the company. At the same time, you avoid unnecessary purchases and save money. Good job!

AssetOps to help

AssetOps combines the culture of sustainability with the practices and tools of smart asset management. Trail Systems has been creating a sustainable AssetOps culture in several different industries since 2010.

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