Why developing own equipment management system is a bad idea?

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  • Why developing own equipment management system is a bad idea?

Why not to develop own equipment management system?

Challenges in developing an own system

When it comes to a digital asset register, many are doubtful towards turnkey solutions as they might not serve them in their own special needs. Either the equipment itself or the existing processes may have such unique features that it's easy to think that only a tailored solution would work. In such a case, it's natural to consider developing your own system for equipment management

There are several reasons why it’s not smart to develop own equipment management system.

1. System development is a big investment

Developing your own digital asset register may seem logical because it’s easy to think that no-one knows the needs better than the users themselves. The equipment management needs might even seem straightforward when the only need is to have information available for viewing and updating, right? And on top we’d have the required knowledge inhouse, so why wouldn’t we develop our own simple system?

In reality however, developing even the simplest system for equipment management is complex and developing is is time consuming. In addition, rarely the simple system is enough, and the true needs are easily expanded into a not-so-simple set of requirements. That requires then a development project of a different scale – perhaps even integrations between systems.

In a nutshell we can conclude that developing an own digital system that serves all different users is complex, requires significant investments, and takes a lot of time.

2. Developing own system requires continuous investments

It is not enough to build your own operational system. The system must also be constantly developed and updated. Also, its security and continuous availability must be taken care of. This, of course, requires continued investment.

3. Ensuring professional software development is smart risk management

Even if the acute needs of own organization are well known and understood, it is a different matter to perceive the information system as a whole and as a long-term tool. For this reason alone, it is wise to rely on the know-how of professionals in developing the system.

There is also a high risk involved in relying on an individual expert in developing a system.

4. The smart thing to do is to focus on the core business

As cost-effective, advanced, and reliable solutions are readily available, it is worth considering whether it is worth the investment to steer resources away from the core business. Many solutions allow customizing, so they adapt to special requirements as well.

When it comes to an outsourced solution, the development, updates, security, and continuity management are all outsourced to the service provider. Outsourcing ensures that the in-house operations can focus on the essentials.

If the final choice is still to develop an own system, it’s recommended to test a turnkey solution first. Testing will help to understand the system requirements and the organization’s needs better.

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