How to efficiently manage the working equipment transferred to employees?

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  • How to efficiently manage the working equipment transferred to employees?

How to efficiently manage the working equipment transferred to employees?

Managing working tools efficiently with asset labels

With remote work and renewed working habits, the needs at home offices have transformed. Most organizations have transferred some of the equipment from offices to the homes of employees to enable working remotely. The flexibility from organizations in this new situation has enabled continuing the operations throught the pandemic. The model of operations however contains a risk of losing visibility to the owned equipment and fixed assets.

With remote work, it’s even more important the the owner of the equipment holds on to a good visibility to where the equipment is and who is responsible for it. Only with a modern equipment management tool it is possible to ensure that correct decisions are made regarding the renewals of the equipment, reducing the risk of misuse simultaneously. Trail enables efficient management of scattered equipment in several locations, such as desks, laptops, screens or headphones.

Trail includes a feature for reservations which can be used to manage temporary placements of equipment. The details of the reservation and the responsible person can be defined in the system, which then alerts if the equipment is not returned in time and notifys the responsible users. Trail also enables labelling equipment which reflect the owner of the equipment as well as identification information for the device. With those details it’s easy to check that the device in question has been scanned out or returned from use.

Trail offers also a practical tool for the user of the device to inform with mobile app about a defect or maintenance need. This way the owner of the device has the information immediately and there is no need for unnecessary delays in repair.

Sometimes sourcing challenges increase suddenly the need to find replacements for devices, but in case the equipment is placed in several locations it can become extremely difficult to identify and locate just the right equipment for replacement. This is a challenge made for equipment management system and Trail provides and easy and efficient solution. It's possible with a good system to see with one search all identical equipment and evaluate which would be available.