Efficient equipment management in a software company

Eficode is one of the leading software companies in Finland. More than 500 software professionals work at Eficode, and they are united by the desire to learn, and develop better ways of creating results.

When the basis of the operation is the idea of building cutting edge software products that meet the business needs of customers with uncompromising efficiency, it is highly important to manage the usage of the company's own equipment too.

Eficode implemented Trail in the fall of 2014 to more reliably monitor the use of its employees' devices, equipment maintenance costs, and the utilization of device investments.

Main reasons for choosing Trail

A very cost-effective overall service where information is available anywhere, anytime.

Benefits received

  • Improved equipment utilization rate
  • Improved monitoring of equipment maintenance and faults, and faster response times
  • Improved Investment planning
  • Equipment information available regardless of time and location
  • Name:Eficode Oy
  • Location:Finland
  • Features:Item register, Investment planning, Equipment reservations, Maintenance management
  • Started:2014

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