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2022 Trends in Equipment Management

2022 Equipment Management Trends

The 2022 trends in equipment management are defined by the demand in the market for operating increasingly on digital information. Also, the lack of resources and continuously tightened environmental targets define the decisions companies make.

Digital and functional asset registers have already flooded the market by offering a cloud-based mobile-friendly digital asset information platform.

There are three identifiable timely themes in equipment management:

1. Established market position for equipment management solutions

The benefits of digital equipment management system are beginning to be widely recognised. Organisations in many industries have successfully achieved efficiency through fixed asset management. Due to the digital asset registers offering support to investment planning and decision-making, there is a change going on. Digital asset management is being standardised as the normal way of operations.

2. Method to achieve environmental goals

A weight will be placed on equipment management as one of the means to achieve environmental goals. Organisations are searching actively for methods to boost their ability to meet sustainability goals. Equipment management is one of the more tangible ways to achieve fast benefits. It's estimated that companies aim to reduce purchasing of equipment and use increasingly methods such as renting, lending, and sharing to fulfill their equipment needs.

Read the guide to sustainable equipment management.

3. Operating on scarce resources

Lack of resources and delivery delays have been part of 2021 operations for many, and the impact on equipment management is huge. The more scarce the resources, the more important becomes to understand what replacements are available as alternative resources. Also finding ways to efficiently avoid breakage altogether through maintenances, is critically important.

How does the future of equipment management look like?

In preparations for future equipment management and asset tracking solutions, there is research ongoing in the areas of artificial intelligence and IoT utilising sensor data and analytics. We expect several innovations to surface around RFID technology. Asset tracking technologies are also evolving fast, and we keep a close eye on those.

Where to put the effort right now?

We recommend ensuring that all devices and equipment are already in a digital system. Digitalisation is the key to managing equipment economically, efficiently, and sustainably. It also enables grabbing future solutions immediately when available. After the data is in digital format, it's good to ensure that the digital information is reliable and timely. In the competitive landscape of tomorrow, the ones not knowing what assets they have, who has them, are they good to go, are the ones to stay behind.

Contact us, in case you wish to explore a solution that enables a fast track to build a competitive edge through equipment management.