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Best Practices in Equipment Management

Best practices in equipment management

The more advanced companies manage their equipment in a very controlled manner and utilize all gathered information in decision-making. When equipment management is part of the daily routines of an organization, it starts to accumulate significant benefits. These companies make data driven decisions, use their existing assets to the maximum and minimize waste.

What elements do these companies have in common? What has been the key excellence in their operations or a missing part to function well? We've had the pleasure to discuss with hundreds of companies about equipment management. Based on the accumulated understanding, we've gathered the best practices of fixed asset management in this series of blog posts.

This blog series consists of seven hand-picked topics. Each topic focuses on an area of equipment management that has been raised in the discussions and deserves to be highlighted.


Part 1: Create a Good Asset Management Culture

Part 2: Invest in a Modern Equipment Management System

Part 3: Transparent Equipment Information for Everyone

Part 4: Detailed and Accurate Inventories

Part 5: Utilize Reservations to Manage Transportable Equipment

Part 6: Effortless Maintenance Planning and Easy Defect Reports

Part 7: Structured Data to Support Decisions